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Say No to Strangers
0643 PA8751 Say No to Strangers

Genre: Ephemeral
Downloads: 271
Nature's Cameo: Bryce Canyon National Park (1930)
Early Western tourism.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Travelogues;Geography: U.S.: Mountain states;
Downloads: 179
CLAPOTI (2002)
CLAPOTI, a voice communication assistive technology, aims at offering a communication support system allowing better communication, adaptable to users and strongly varying in needs. CLAPOTI allows voice communication by typing...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: user-centered design;disability;virtual phonetic keyboard;
Downloads: 1186
Brazil at War (1943)
Praising Brazil for joining the Allies and declaring war against Germany, this film attempts to show Brazil's similarities to Ameri

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Brazil;Latin America;World War II: Good Neighbor Policy;
Downloads: 1051
Logging in Maine (1906)
The subject is the movement of cut timber from the forest to the mill. The few scenes that make up the film are loggers performing the various operations necessary to...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Logging--Maine; Actuality--Shorts;
Downloads: 536
NASAWhy?Files - Living In Space (2002)
NASA Why? Files segment exploring the history of humans living in space and the steps astronauts have taken to adapt to the environment of space.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Why? Files; Astronauts; Environment; Gravity; Outer Space; Microgravity; Earth; NASA; Gravitational Force;
Downloads: 1416
Who Shall Reap? (1969)
Insects or humans? Weeds, diseases, and other pestilence that confound farmers and threaten the world's food supply.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Agriculture: Herbicides and pesticides; Insects; Animals: Diseases;
Downloads: 253
Anatomy of a Hurricane, complete video (1996)
Describes how and where hurricanes are formed, their structure, and how they cause damage.

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;Weather;
Downloads: 1419
NASAKSNe - Los Hermanos Wright (2003)
Quien invent— el avi—n?

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Carolina Duque;
Downloads: 1231
From Dawn to Sunset (Part I) (1937)
This classic example of ""capitalist realism"" depicts a day in the life of Chevrolet workers in the U.S., while attempting to convince them that their own fortunes were inextricably linked...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Labor: 1930s; Consumerism; Automobiles: Manufacturing;
Downloads: 354
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