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NASAKSN - Static (2003)
What is static electricity?

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Westley Benson; Atom; Proton: Electron; Positive; Negative; Charge;
Downloads: 1869
Citizen Makes a Decision, A (1954)
How democracy ought to work.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Citizenship;
Downloads: 9
Bee City (1951)
Humorous exploration of the life of the bee.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Insects;
Downloads: 224
NASA Connect - MTF - Transportation Growth and Patterns (2000)
NASA Connect segment exploring transportation growth since the early 1900s and how the patterns of this growth are mathematical and are related to the Fibonacci sequence.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Golden Ratio; Fibonacci Sequence; Ratios; Mathematics; Proportions; Airplanes; Wright Brothers; Small Aircraft; Transportation System; Propeller Airplanes; Transportation Growth; Patterns;
Downloads: 1114
Princeton and Yale football game (1903)
The camera was moved to many positions throughout the stadium, which contained an estimated 50,000 spectators. The opening scene was a complete pan around the locale, showing the crowd assembled...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Football; College sports; Actuality--Shorts; Sports (Nonfiction)--Shorts;
Downloads: 893
Stillman Fires Collection: Typical Fire
from Stillman Fires Collection.

Genre: Ephemeral
Downloads: 254
Defense Comes First With Oldsmobile (1942 Oldsmobile Playlets) (1941)
Theatrical screen ad for one of the last pre-World War II automobiles, emphasizing Oldsmobile's adaptability under wartime conditions.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Automobiles: Advertising;World War II: Industrial production;World War II: Prewar preparedness;
Downloads: 1528
Drift Ice as a Geologic Agent, complete video (1993)
Authors Steve Wessells, Erk Reimnitz, Peter Barnes, and Ed Kempema use time-lapse film, animations, and drawings by Tau Rho Alpha to illustrate ice gouging, ice wallow, frazil and slush ice,...

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ice;Geology;Ocean;
Downloads: 1148
Getting Ready Physically (1951)
Encourages high school boys to use the physical training, health and recreational resources of their communities so as to be ready for the Korean War-era draft.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Korean War;Health and hygiene;Athletics;
Downloads: 14
Secret of American Production, The (1955)
Free-enterprise-oriented lecture on the successes of the American economic system. With Prof. Clifton L. Ganus of Harding College, Searcy, Ark.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Economics;Cold War;
Downloads: 86
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