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gros_plan_visage_clip1_0_org_1920x1080 (2007)
"Part of the HD test database for the french national research project ICOS-HD. Author(s): LaBRI, University of Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux, France. Batch download this sequence with: $ rsync -av

Genre: Other
Keywords: original version. 1080p
Duration: 00:00:03
Popularity (downloads): 1
Old mail coach at Ford, U.S.P.O. (1903)
The film begins by showing a river approximately fifty yards wide. The opposite bank from the camera position is wooded. Shortly after the beginning of the film, four horses, drawing...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Actuality--Shorts;
Duration: 00:00:05
Popularity (downloads): 2157
Dancing boxing match, Montgomery and Stone (1907)
Very short vaudeville turn from the well-known team of Montgomery and Stone. Appears to have been filmed outdoors in front of black paper taped up on a wall as a...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Boxers (Sports)--United States--Drama; Boxing--United States--Drama; Silent films; Slapstick comedies; Vaudeville; Shorts;
Duration: 00:00:05
Popularity (downloads): 1912
Corbett and Courtney before the Kinetograph (1894)
From F.M. Prescott catalog: This fight consists of six rounds, each round on a film 150 feet long. It is not a fac-simile sic or a "fake" of any description,...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Boxing matches--United States; Boxers (Sports)--United States; Boxing--United States; Sports (Nonfiction);
Duration: 00:00:08
Popularity (downloads): 1091
Earthquake - Risk to the Central U.S., segment 01 of 7 (1988)
Earthquake - Risk to the Central U.S.

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Earthquakes;
Duration: 00:00:09
Popularity (downloads): 1309
Anatomy of a Hurricane, segment 01 of 5 (1996)
Anatomy of a Hurricane

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;Weather;
Duration: 00:00:09
Popularity (downloads): 1313
Take Pride in America, segment 07 of 7 (1987)
Address is given to write for further information

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:00:10
Popularity (downloads): 535
Hurricanes, Segment 03

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;
Duration: 00:00:12
Popularity (downloads): 1944
Hurricanes, Segment 09

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;
Duration: 00:00:12
Popularity (downloads): 1585
A New Horizon, segment 13 of 13 (1990)
Closing credits: produced by Bureau of Reclamation, U. S. Department of Interior

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:00:13
Popularity (downloads): 906

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