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Special Purpose Collections
CHI Video Retrospective
Contributing Organization: Assocation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Number of videos: 112

Selected videos from previous years' CHI Video Proceedings.
2001 TREC Video Retrieval Test Collection
Contributing Organization: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Number of videos: 26

This collection lists the videos used for the 2001 TREC Video Track that are available from the Open Video site.
Contributor Collections
Contributing Organization: LaBRI / I3S
Number of videos: 260

Full-HD raw video frames and compressed preview clips.
William R. Ferris Collection
Contributing Organization: William R. Ferris Collection
Number of videos: 49

This collection contains digitized videotapes about southern culture collected by William R. Ferris (1942-), author, folklorist, filmmaker, professor, photographer, administrator and scholar.
NASA K-16 Science Education Programs
Contributing Organization: NASA
Number of videos: 580

NASA's Center for Distance Learning, at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia broadcasts five programs aimed at K-16 students, teachers, and parents.
Digital Himalaya Project
Contributing Organization: Digital Himalaya Project
Number of videos: 34

Digital Himalaya is a pilot project to develop digital collection,archiving and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropologicalinformation from the Himalayan region.
Internet Moving Images Archive
Contributing Organization: Internet Archive
Number of videos: 2113

This collection contains movies that the Prelinger Archives has digitized and donated to the Internet Archive. The films focus mainly on everyday life, culture, industry, and institutions in North America in the 20th century.
The Informedia Project at Carnegie Mellon University
Contributing Organization: Carnegie Mellon University, Informedia Project
Number of videos: 321

This collection contains video digitized for the Informedia Project at Carnegie Mellon University.
University of Maryland HCIL Open House Video Reports
Contributing Organization: University of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL)
Number of videos: 76

The HCIL video reports contain short demonstrations of HCIL prototypes. They are edited each year at the occasion of the annual Symposium and Open House.
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