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Finding Your Life's Work (1940)
Classic vocational guidance film produced to snap America's teenagers out of a Depression mood.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Vocational;
Duration: 00:18:52
Popularity (downloads): 251
Sheet Metal Worker, The (1942)
Vocational guidance and training film.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Metalworking;
Duration: 00:10:33
Popularity (downloads): 846
When You Grow Up (1973)
Film for middle-school children about vocational choices and opportunities in the U.S. Great shots of early 1970s children and adults pursuing everyday activities. Most of the shots are quick and...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Vocational; 1970s; Labor: 1970s;
Duration: 00:11:22
Popularity (downloads): 366
How to Keep a Job (1949)
What you need to do to stay employed: choose the right job, get along with colleagues, maintain positive attitude, etc.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Vocational training;Social guidance;Teenagers;
Duration: 00:10:46
Popularity (downloads): 154
Fire and Police Service (1947)
Vocational film showing the work of emergency service personnel.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Public safety;
Duration: 00:10:18
Popularity (downloads): 698
Baking Industry, The (1946)
Vocational film about careers in baking.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Baking industry;Food;
Duration: 00:09:40
Popularity (downloads): 1262
You Can Tell by the Teller (1945)
Instructional film for telephone business office cashiers (tellers) who interact with the public, with a heavy dose of period sexism.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Clerical; Occupations: Customer service; Communication: Telephone;
Duration: 00:18:41
Popularity (downloads): 316
Life Insurance Occupations (1948)
Career opportunities in the industry.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Insurance;
Duration: 00:10:16
Popularity (downloads): 338
Printing (1947)
Printing occupations, opportunities and technologies before electronics and computers changed the world.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Occupations: Printing;Communication: Printing;
Duration: 00:10:40
Popularity (downloads): 636
Bookbinders (1961)
Shows the work of bookbinders and the final steps in the process of manufacturing printed books. From the 'Americans at Work' series.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Communication: Books;Occupations: Bookbinding;Occupations: Printing;
Duration: 00:13:24
Popularity (downloads): 933

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