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HCIL 2004 - segment 01 - Introduction (2004)
Introduction and overview of the five projects in the HCIL video reports of 2004.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL; Introduction;Ben B. Bederson;
Duration: 00:00:37
Popularity (downloads): 176
HCIL 2004 Video Reports (2004)
HCIL video reports of 2004.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL;
Duration: 00:19:51
Popularity (downloads): 180
HCIL 2004 - segment 02 - NoteLens: Staying in the Flow (2004)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL; Ben B. Bederson;
Duration: 00:04:31
Popularity (downloads): 199
HCIL 2004 - segment 03 - ProofRite: A Paper Augmented Word Processor (2004)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL; Kevin Conroy; Dave Levin;
Duration: 00:03:56
Popularity (downloads): 184
HCIL 2004 - segment 05 - Cross Y: A crossing based drawing application (2004)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL; Georg Apitz; Francois Guimbretiere;
Duration: 00:04:45
Popularity (downloads): 174
HCIL 2004 - segment 04 - What Children Have Taught Us (2004)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL; The International Children's Digital Library;
Duration: 00:06:00
Popularity (downloads): 205
NASAKSN - Un Auto de Control Remoto en Marte (2003)
Sabias que hay un auto de control remoto en marte?

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Andrea; Auto De Controla; Remote Control Car; Marte; Mars; Pathfinder; Onda Radio; Radio Waves; Robot; 2004; Noticiencias; Noticias Cientificas; Kids' Science News Network;
Duration: 00:00:58
Popularity (downloads): 1141
NASA Connect - The Venus Transit (2004)
NASA Connect Video containing six segments as described below. NASA Connect segment explaining how scientists determined the distance between the earth and the sun. The video also explores the...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Parallax; Astronomical Unit; Earth; Sun; Kepler; Ratio; Baseline Unit; Geometric Technique; Scale; Right Angle; Triangulation; Vertex Angle; Graphing; Measurement; Student Activity; Solar System; Scale Models; Scale Drawings; Centimeter; Kilometer; Distance; Miles; Inches; Meters; Height; Width; Measurement Unit; Baseline; Voyager One Spacecraft; Universe; Venus Transit; Solar Eclipse; Radar; International Network of Amateur Astronomers; Planets; Stars; Transits;
Duration: 00:28:35
Popularity (downloads): 1900

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