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NASASciFiles - Airplane Design (2003)
NASA Sci Files segment describing how airplane designer Burt Rutan takes projects from conception to reality, and the features that are the keys to flight.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Burt Rutan; Boomerang; Proteus; Voyager; Imagination; Wing Span; Thrust;
Duration: 00:03:11
Popularity (downloads): 1903
NASA Connect - MTF - Airplane Design Online Activity (2000)
NASA Connect segment involving students in an online activity that features an Airplane Design Workshop that gives an example how artificial intelligence helps engineers in modeling and designing aircraft.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Website; Online Activity; Student Activity; Model Aircraft Artificial Intelligence; Design; Airplane; Range; Fuel; Engine; Wing; Area; Shock Waves;
Duration: 00:03:06
Popularity (downloads): 2610
A group of young men videotape their skydiving trip. Includes footage shot in the airplane with a nice view of the mountains, footage taken during free-fall and footage taken of...

Genre: Other
Keywords: Skydiving;Airplane;New Zealand;
Duration: 00:03:50
Popularity (downloads): 3797
NASAKSN - Aircraft Noise (2003)
NASA Kids Science News segment explaining what NASA is doing about airplane noise.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Kids Science News; Sound; Wave; Amplitude; Airplane Noise; Active Noise Control; Engine; Slats; Flaps; Landing Gear; Technology;
Duration: 00:00:58
Popularity (downloads): 2032
Report #259, complete video (1993)
The films: "Endeavour's First Flight," "Master Glassblower," "World's Largest Paper Airplane," "NASA's Photo Album."

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:14:20
Popularity (downloads): 1631
Terraplane Newsreel (1932)
Earl C. Anthony, Terraplane automobile dealer, takes pictures of airplane landing atop Terraplane car.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Stunts;Automobiles;Aviation: Stunts;
Duration: 00:05:13
Popularity (downloads): 191
NASAKSNN - Why Airplanes Fly (2004)
Why Airplanes Fly? This segment explains how airplane flight is similar to bird flight.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Kids Science News Network; KSNN; Jessica; Cory; Air Foil; Wing Shape; Bernoulli;
Duration: 00:01:00
Popularity (downloads): 1750
Kings Mountain Airplane Crash (1950)
Near Woodside, California: Aftermath of air crash on Kings Mountain hillside. Newsreel story.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels; Aviation: Crashes; Disasters;
Duration: 00:33:00
Popularity (downloads): 335
NASAKSN - Tunel de Viento (2003)
Que es un tunel de viento?

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Julieth; Tunel De Viento; Wind Tunnel; Avion; Airplane; Aire; Air; Autos De Carreras; Racecars; Car; Noticiencias; Noticias Cientificas; Kids' Science News Network;
Duration: 00:00:58
Popularity (downloads): 1731
NASADestinationTomorrow - DT6 - Flight Simulator (2004)
NASA Destination Tomorrow Segment explaining how NASA uses flight simulators to assist in engineering aircraft.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Flight Simulator; Johnny Alonso; Marshall Smith; Airplane;
Duration: 00:04:31
Popularity (downloads): 2477

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