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Hurricane Force - A Coastal Perspective, segment 05 of 12 (1994)
Louisiana's barrier islands were greatly damaged by Hurricane Andrew

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;
Duration: 00:03:13
Popularity (downloads): 991
ACM CHI 1989 Issue 46 - An overview of the Andrew System (1988)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI;
Duration: 00:22:33
Popularity (downloads): 405
NASASciFiles - History O fHurricanes (2003)
NASA Why? Files segment covering several major hurricanes throughout recent history, and the conventions used for naming them.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Dr. Textbook; Hurricane Name; Galveston; Andrew; Miami; Everglades;
Duration: 00:02:05
Popularity (downloads): 1067
Hurricane Force - A Coastal Perspective, segment 06 of 12 (1994)
Scientists assessed damage to the barrier islands and coastal wetlands

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;
Duration: 00:03:25
Popularity (downloads): 530
Sympathetic Interfaces: Using a Plush Toy to Direct Synthetic Characters (1996)
Video Figure from CHI 1999 Paper. Author(s): Michael Patrick Johnson, Andrew Wilson, Bruce Blumberg, Christopher Kline & Aaron Bobick

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; sympathetic interface; plush toy; synthetic characters;physically-based interface; virtual worlds
Duration: 00:02:00
Popularity (downloads): 502
Hurricane Force - A Coastal Perspective, complete video (1994)
Steve Wessells, USGS, produced this piece which includes Silicon Graphics, Inc., animations, before and after hurricane photos of wetlands, historic storm and damage footage, and inciteful interviews with USGS scientists...

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;
Duration: 00:28:30
Popularity (downloads): 1171
Teddy (1971)
Presents the experiences of a teenage African American, who relates his views of the System, war, revolution, the Watts community of Los Angeles, the Black Panther Party and the police....

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: African Americans; Psychology; Los Angeles;
Duration: 00:16:16
Popularity (downloads): 321
The Amulet User Interface Development Environment (1997)
Video demonstration from the 1997 CHI conference. The Amulet research project is developing a new user interface development environment which incorporates a number of design and implementation innovations including new...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; user interface design; toolkit; user interface development environment; user interface management system; application framework
Duration: 00:08:51
Popularity (downloads): 432
Social Seminar: Changing (1971)
Demonstrates the quality of life as its impact is felt by a young family trying to reorient themselves in a society of conflicting standards and values. Shows how the terms...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Psychology; Substance abuse: Drugs; Hippies;
Duration: 00:27:49
Popularity (downloads): 360
Hurricane Force - A Coastal Perspective, segment 11 of 12 (1994)
Hurricanes will leave their mark on coastlines in the future just as they have in the past

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hurricanes;
Duration: 00:01:30
Popularity (downloads): 529

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