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NASAKSNN - How Do Space Shuttles Blast Off (2005)
How Do Space Shuttles Blast Off? This segment describes the physics behind shuttle blast offs.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Kids Science News Network; KSNN; Bianca; Newton's Third Law of Motion; Space Shuttle; Take off; Blast off;
Duration: 00:00:30
Popularity (downloads): 1883
A-Bomb Blast Effects (1959)
Footage from an atomic bomb test - perhaps Operation Tumbler-Snapper?

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:08:18
Popularity (downloads): 1631
Hoover Dam Construction, segment 06 of 17 (1996)
The canyon walls were prepared to receive the abutments of the dam

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:01:47
Popularity (downloads): 482
NASAKSNN - What Changes Make The Space Shuttle Safer (2005)
What Changes Make The Space Shuttle Safer? This segment describes the technology used for the space shuttle to have a safe trip.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Kids Science News Network; KSNN; R. J.; Safety; Blast Off;
Duration: 00:00:31
Popularity (downloads): 1071
Lake Powell, segment 03 of 11 (1997)
Construction of the dam began in October, 1956

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Construction;Dam
Duration: 00:02:17
Popularity (downloads): 498
The Story of Hoover Dam, segment 04 of 12 (1996)
Construction began with diverting the Colorado River around the dam site

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hoover Dam;Construction;Dam
Duration: 00:02:30
Popularity (downloads): 1226
Oceanfloor Legacy, segment 07 of 14 (1991)
The mosaic of the main research area is an image of the inclined continental slope west of San Francisco

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Radioactive waste;San Francisco;
Duration: 00:01:58
Popularity (downloads): 392
Hoover Dam Construction, segment 07 of 17 (1996)
In November 1932 the Colorado River was diverted, geologists viewed the riverbed

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:02:02
Popularity (downloads): 463
NASA Connect - Having A Solar Blast (2002)
NASA Connect Video containing five segments as described below. NASA Connect segment exploring solar flares and how NASA scientists study these events. The video explains the goal of the HESSI...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Sun; Atmosphere; HESSI Satellite; Earth; Solar Flares; Sun; X-Ray; Gamma Ray; Radiation; Magnetic Energy; Charged Particles; Electrons; Protons; Ions; Magnetic Field Mines; Radio Waves; Hydrogen; M-class Flares; Graph; Problem Solving; Solar Cycles; Student Activity; Solar Storms; Electromagnetic Radiation; Electromagnetic Spectrum; Radio Waves; Infrared Waves; Visible Waves; Ultra-Violet Waves; SOHO Satellite; Ace Satellite; Image Satellite; Solar Wind Speed; Ring Currents; Plasmasphere; Solar System; Sunspot; Nuclear Fussion; Energy; Hydrogen; Star; Galileo; Telescope; Temperature; Photosphere; Corona; Atomic Bomb; Corona Mass Ejection; Solar Weather; Web Activity; Solar Eclipse; Remote Solar Telescopes;
Duration: 00:28:32
Popularity (downloads): 2588
NASASciFiles - The Case of the Shaky Quake (2002)
NASA Sci Files video containing the following eleven segments. NASA Sci Files segment exploring the different types of waves that earthquakes create. NASA Sci Files segment exploring faults and...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Sci Files; Earthquake; Waves; Primary; Compressional Waves; Secondary; Sheer Waves; Earth; Vibrate; Epicenter; Surface Wave; Crust; Rock Layers; Faults; Normal Fault; Hanging Wall; Foot Wall; Reverse Fault; Strike-Slip Fault; Lithosphere; Plates; Earth; Fault Line; Plate Boundaries; Divergent Boundaries; Rift Valleys; Volcanoes; Convergent Boundary; Mountains; Transform Boundary; San Andreas Fault; Interplate Earthquakes; Fossils; Plate Tectonics; Dinosaur; Bones; Excavation; Climate; Riverbed; Arid; Equator; Continental Drift; Alfred Wagner; Pangaea; Rock Structures; Sandstone; Chimney Formation; Grand Canyon; Global Positioning System; Stations; Satellites; Crustal Movement; Earth; Blind Fault; Computer Simulation; Slip Rate; Prediction; Displacement; Layers; Core; Diameter; Iron; Nickle; Solid; Liquid; Dense; Mantle; Basalt; Granite; Density; Graduated Cylinder; Plates; Measurement; Richter Scale; Moment Magnitude Scale; Scientific Journals; Observations; Data; Epicenter; Comet; Outer Space; Meteor; Meteoroid; Meteorite; Sonic Boom; Speed of Sound; Seismic Activity; Fire Ball; Shooting Star; Earthquake Facts; Frenquency; Location; Intensity; California; Alaska; Weather; Seismograph; Inertia; Newton; Vertical Motion; Horizontal Motion; Seismology; Tremor; S Waves; P Waves; Sound Waves; Seismogram; Triangulation; Graph; Compass; World Map; Student Activity; Epicenter; Seismic Station;
Duration: 00:56:12
Popularity (downloads): 2158

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