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NASASciFiles - Clouds (2003)
NASA Why? Files segment describing different cloud types and how they form.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Dr. Lin Chambers; Water Vapor; Condensation; Cirrus; Cumulous; Stratus; S'cool; Students' Cloud Observations On-Line;
Duration: 00:03:15
Popularity (downloads): 1978
NASAWhy?Files - Lightning (2004)
NASA Why? Files segment explaining lightning and how it works.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Why? Files; Lightning; Negative Charges; Positive Charges; Attract; Repel; Thunderstorm; Cloud; Ground; Channel; Volt; Discharge; Cloud To Cloud Lightning; NASA Langley; Aircraft; Lightning Strikes; Turbulence; Cockpit; Nose Boom; Sparks; Power Outage;
Duration: 00:04:03
Popularity (downloads): 1876
Mountain Skywater, segment 11 of 12 (1996)
Ecologists study effects of cloud seeding on elk

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:00:40
Popularity (downloads): 510
Mountain Skywater, segment 08 of 12 (1996)
Scientists study the impact of cloud seeding on the region's ecology

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:04:52
Popularity (downloads): 399
NASAKSN - Lightning (2003)
What causes a lightning flash?

Genre: Educational
Keywords: William Jeffries; Cloud; Charge; Discharge; Spark;
Duration: 00:01:00
Popularity (downloads): 1684
Mountain Skywater, segment 03 of 12 (1996)
Clouds can be seeded to yield additional precipitation

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:03:28
Popularity (downloads): 401
Mountain Skywater, complete video (1996)
The story of the Colorado River Basin Pilot Project in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, is presented in this video with an overview of the cloud seeding program.

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:28:34
Popularity (downloads): 607
NASA Connect - ATE - Size Up the Clouds Activity (2004)
NASA Connect segment involving students in an activity called Size Up the Clouds. The segment explores simulated cloud types to estimate precipitation content.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Clouds; Precipitation; Weather; Student Activity; Estimation;
Duration: 00:03:14
Popularity (downloads): 1325
The Miracle of Water, segment 09 of 11 (1996)
New sources of water and power are needed constantly

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:01:21
Popularity (downloads): 675
The chimney (1902)
Filming of a popular vaudeville gag. Opens on a stage with a painted backdrop of a lake and forest. From opposite sides of the stage enter a chimney sweep, covered...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Chimney sweeps--Drama; Millers--Drama; Soot--Drama; Flour--Drama; Affray--Drama; Silent films; Slapstick comedies; Vaudeville; Shorts;
Duration: 00:00:31
Popularity (downloads): 855

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