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World At Your Call (1950)
Excellent color shots of transportation circa 1950 (car, train, and plane) this film deals with the wonders of long-distance telephone communications. US & World Location shots: White Mountains,...

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:00:00
Popularity (downloads): 261
NASASciFiles - Force and Distance (2003)
NASA Sci Files segment explaining how simple machines affect the effort necessary to perform tasks involving force.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Dr. D.; Pulley; Load; Load Distance; Multiply Force; Trade Off; Fulcrum; Simple Machine; Wheel And Axle; Crank; Radius; Gear;
Duration: 00:04:29
Popularity (downloads): 1654
Pie menus (2000)
A pie menu is a format where the items are placed along the circumference of a circle at equal radial distance from the center. Several examples are demonstrated on a...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL;
Duration: 00:12:12
Popularity (downloads): 603
Long Distance

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:14:38
Popularity (downloads): 245
NASA Connect - RTTS - Work and Energy (2003)
First segment of Rocket to the Stars defines work and energy using the concepts of force, motion, distance, mass, height, and gravity. The work and energy segment covers the Gravitational...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Rocket to the Stars; Energy; Work; Force; Distance; Motion; Joule; Potential energy; Kinetic energy; KE: Gravitational Potential Energy; GPE; Conversation of energy;
Duration: 00:13:41
Popularity (downloads): 1158
Nation at Your Fingertips, The (1951)
How direct long distance dialing made the U.S. a smaller place.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Communication: Telephone;Infrastructure: Information;
Duration: 00:10:19
Popularity (downloads): 124
UbiComp 2003 - Breakout for Two - An example of an Exertion Interface for Sports over a Distance (2003)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: UbiComp;
Duration: 00:02:53
Popularity (downloads): 573
ACM CSCW 1994 Issue 87 - Combining Realtime Multimedia Conferencing with Hypertext Archives in Distance Education (1994)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CSCW
Duration: 00:04:37
Popularity (downloads): 536
Speeding Speech (1950)
Automation in the telephone industry dispenses with operator long distance dialing to complete calls faster.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Communication: Telephone;
Duration: 00:10:06
Popularity (downloads): 129
Second Life at UNC-CH (2007)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Second Life; UNC; distance learning;
Duration: 00:58:33
Popularity (downloads): 15

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