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Challenge of Ideas, The (Part II) (1961)
John Wayne, Edward R. Murrow and others discuss the ideological battle between U.S. and Soviet Union.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Cold War;
Duration: 00:03:55
Popularity (downloads): 427
Challenge of Ideas, The (Part I) (1961)
John Wayne, Edward R. Murrow and others discuss the ideological battle between U.S. and Soviet Union.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Cold War;
Duration: 00:25:35
Popularity (downloads): 369
Touch of Magic, A (1961)
General Motors 1961 Motorama film presenting new cars, appliances and futuristic ideas at their most banal.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Futurism;Automobiles: Advertising;Houses and homes: Kitchens;
Duration: 00:10:35
Popularity (downloads): 436
Case of Spring Fever, A (1940)
Gilbert Willoughby is punished for voicing Luddite ideas (complaining about pesky springs) by 'Coily,' an obnoxious, animated spring who subjects him to the hassles of a springless world.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Physics: Springs;Animation;Technology: Critiques;
Duration: 00:08:15
Popularity (downloads): 1045
NASASciFiles - Brainstorming (2001)
NASA Sci Files segment explaining how brainstorming works to help students think creatively and come up with solutions to solve problems.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Sci Files; Solutions; Inventions; Inventors; Brainstorming; Creative Thinking; Ideas; Record; Problem; Evaluate; Aeronautics; Data;
Duration: 00:04:08
Popularity (downloads): 1635
TIME: Three-dimensional Input, Modification and Evaluation (1996)
Video demonstration from the 1996 CHI conference. Simple intuitive manipulation of three-dimensional objects is needed for the conceptualizing phase of design. Present CAD systems do not allow for the...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; Tactile or gestural I/0; visualization; input devices; two handed input
Duration: 00:04:35
Popularity (downloads): 450
NASA Connect - GoE - Geometry, Mars Microprobe, and More Water On Mars (2004)
NASA Connect Segment exploring ideas of water on Mars. It also explains the Mars Microprobe and its navigation on mars and how this relates to geometry.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Geometry; Mars Microprobe; Mars Navigation;
Duration: 00:03:06
Popularity (downloads): 583
ideas: A vision of a designer's sketching-tool (2001)
Video Poster from CHI 2001. In the conceptual phase of a project, industrial designers do a lot of sketching. In this early phase the immediacy and flexibility of traditional...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; sketching; design tools; conceptualisation; pen tablet.
Duration: 00:07:41
Popularity (downloads): 393
SILK: Sketching Interfaces Like Krazy (1996)
Video demonstration from the 1996 CHI conference. Current interactive user interface construction tools are often more of a hindrance than a benefit during the early stages of interface design....

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; design; sketching; prototyping; gestures; SILK
Duration: 00:08:07
Popularity (downloads): 923
SHriMP Views: An Interactive Environment for Information Visualization and Navigation (2002)
Video presentation from the 2002 CHI conference. The SHriMP (Simple Hierarchical Multi-Perspective) visualization technique was designed to enhance how people browse and explore complex information spaces. SHriMP uses a...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI: Information visualization; information navigation; software tools; knowledge management; flow diagrams
Duration: 00:07:10
Popularity (downloads): 697

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