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NASADestinationTomorrow - DT5 - SAP (2004)
NASA Destination Tomorrow Segment highlighting systems including the Single Aircraft Accident Prevention Project (SAP) that will help reduce aircraft accidents.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: SAP; Derek Leonidoff; John Foster; Accident; Single Aircraft Accident Prevention Project; Landing; Vehicle Health Management System; Control Recovery System; CRS; VHMS; Wind Tunnel;
Duration: 00:04:39
Popularity (downloads): 2169
Trader Thorne (1956)
Auto dealer sales film explaining why trade-ins are necessary -- because almost all customers already have cars. Director: Jack Tilles. Writer: George Wilcock. Camera: John Niklasch. Sound: Raymond Esh. Art...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Automobiles: Sales;Sales training;
Duration: 00:22:23
Popularity (downloads): 186
Brooklyn Goes to San Francisco (1947)
Brooklyn native Phil Foster tours San Francisco and comments on many places of interest.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco: Humor;San Francisco Bay Area;California: History;
Duration: 00:09:20
Popularity (downloads): 259
We Learn About the Telephone I (1965)
A young man sketches a generic human who takes us back through history to show us how humans developed a need to communicate and the devices to do so. Then...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Communication: Telephone; Animation; 1960s;
Duration: 00:22:32
Popularity (downloads): 442
Trail of the Rocket (Part I) (1951)
Singers Lucille and Johnny, whose radio show is sponsored by Oldsmobile, are invited to visit the Olds factory to see why the product is superior. While touring the plant, Johnny...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Automobiles: Advertising; Automobiles: Manufacturing; Cold War;
Duration: 00:14:44
Popularity (downloads): 402
Hanford Science Forum (1957)
Television program (one of a series) sponsored by General Electric Company for telecasting to residents of the Richland, Washington area. This interview with Dr. Richard F. Foster, manager of the...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Atomic-nuclear: Weapons; Cold War; Richland, Washington;
Duration: 00:09:46
Popularity (downloads): 387
ACM CSCW 2000 - Talking in Circles (2000)
Talking in Circles is an online environment designed to foster rich and flexible social interaction. Participants communicate primarily by speech, and are represented as colored circles within a two-dimensional...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CSCW; computer-supported cooperative work; online environment; social interaction; Talking in Circles;
Duration: 00:04:39
Popularity (downloads): 574
John Oberlin: The 21st Century Student Experience (2007)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: SILS; UNC-CH; Students; education; technology; instruction;
Duration: 00:59:07
Popularity (downloads): 16
Challenge of Ideas, The (Part II) (1961)
John Wayne, Edward R. Murrow and others discuss the ideological battle between U.S. and Soviet Union.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Cold War;
Duration: 00:03:55
Popularity (downloads): 427
Challenge of Ideas, The (Part I) (1961)
John Wayne, Edward R. Murrow and others discuss the ideological battle between U.S. and Soviet Union.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Cold War;
Duration: 00:25:35
Popularity (downloads): 369

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