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NASAKSN - Flotando en el Espacio (2003)
Por que flotan los astronautas en el espacio?

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Alejandra; Flotar; Floating; Gravidad; Gravity; Caida Libre; Free Fall; Noventa Por Ciento; Ninety Percent; Astronautas; Astronauts; Tierra; Earth; Noticiencias; Noticias Cientificas; Kids' Science News Network;
Duration: 00:00:58
Popularity (downloads): 922
America\'s New Frontier, segment 07 of 11 (1992)
GLORIA was used to map the entire U.S. exclusive economic zone

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Mapping;Geology;
Duration: 00:02:00
Popularity (downloads): 375
Wrestling with Uncertainty, segment 14 of 16 (1995)
The National Resource Assessment report contents is reviewed

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Oil and Gas;
Duration: 00:03:15
Popularity (downloads): 433
Take Pride in America, segment 04 of 7 (1987)
Examples of misuse, abuse, and destruction of public lands are shown

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:01:27
Popularity (downloads): 430
ACM CHI 1985 Issue 19 - Percent done indicator (1985)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI;
Duration: 00:03:32
Popularity (downloads): 490
Hidden Fury, segment 09 of 11 (1993)
Shaking will cause damage to buildings and cities

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Earthquakes;Computers;
Duration: 00:02:40
Popularity (downloads): 649
Hidden Fury, segment 04 of 11 (1993)
Damage areas are large partly because of the earthquake zone's relation to global plate tectonics

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Earthquakes;Computers;
Duration: 00:01:19
Popularity (downloads): 481
The Future of Energy Gases, segment 12 of 13 (1993)
Comments about the future use of energy and concluding remarks

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Natural Gas;Acid Rain;
Duration: 00:01:36
Popularity (downloads): 533
Wrestling with Uncertainty, segment 01 of 16 (1995)
Wrestling with Uncertainty

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Oil and Gas;
Duration: 00:02:02
Popularity (downloads): 737
Wetlands Regained, segment 02 of 8 (1991)
Today only eight percent of the original wetlands in the Central Valley still remain

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:01:25
Popularity (downloads): 575

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