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Petaluma Chicken Promotional Film (1932)
Early promotional film for Sonoma County poultry industry featuring young women making an extremely large omelet.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco Bay Area: Sonoma County;Agriculture: Poultry;
Duration: 00:03:39
Popularity (downloads): 176
California Is Climate (1958)
Promotional film for the eastern San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda and part of Contra Costa counties) emphasizing its excellent weather, advanced infrastructure, and cultural and economic advantages.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco Bay Area: Alameda County;San Francisco Bay Area: Industry;Weather;
Duration: 00:13:51
Popularity (downloads): 136
Stranger, The (1957)
Homemade cautionary drama about the case of a young girl who is abducted and murdered by a stranger. Director and Photographer: Joseph S. Cozzolino. With Tolie Cozzolino (Mother); Rennie Knight...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Safety: Children; Crime and criminals; San Francisco Bay Area: Sonoma County;
Duration: 00:14:54
Popularity (downloads): 393
Mount Tamalpais Gravity Railroad (1917)
Railroad transporting tourists to top of Marin County's highest peak.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco Bay Area: Marin County;Transportation: Railroad;
Duration: 00:01:58
Popularity (downloads): 176
California State Highway 101 Opening (1929)
Opening of California State Highway 101 at San Francisco, with 50,000 people in attendance; parade of automobiles from San Francisco Civic Center; Mayor James 'Sunny Jim' Rolph of San Francisco;...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco: Infrastructure;Celebrations;Infrastructure: Roads;
Duration: 00:03:42
Popularity (downloads): 245
Three to Get Ready: A Progress Report from BART (1967)
Shows stages in the construction of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco Bay Area: BART;Transportation: Subways and metros;San Francisco Bay Area: Infrastructure;
Duration: 00:13:30
Popularity (downloads): 144
Brooklyn Goes to San Francisco (1947)
Brooklyn native Phil Foster tours San Francisco and comments on many places of interest.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco: Humor;San Francisco Bay Area;California: History;
Duration: 00:09:20
Popularity (downloads): 259
Amateur film: Colaci collection, roll 1-B (1940)
Life in the San Francisco Bay Area just after World War II: families stand on the Golden Gate Bridge and watch troops returning on naval vessels; a man spraypaints a...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco: World War II: Postwar;Motion pictures: Amateur;San Francisco Bay Area;
Duration: 00:11:23
Popularity (downloads): 3513
Shopping Can Be Fun: A New Concept in Merchandising (1957)
How the Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo, California increased traffic with a sophisticated program of advertising and promotion. Excellent footage of stores and shoppers in an upscale suburb. Some...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Consumerism; Shopping centers; San Francisco Bay Area: San Mateo County;
Duration: 00:17:12
Popularity (downloads): 484
[First Private Atom Power Plant Opens] (1957)
Vallecitos Atomic Electric Power Plant, the first licensed nuclear power plant, opens at Pleasanton, Calif. on November 25, 1957. Newsreel story.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels; Atomic-nuclear: Energy; San Francisco Bay Area: Alameda County;
Duration: 00:54:00
Popularity (downloads): 526

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