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NASA Connect - BHFSTE - Serving Size Activity (2004)
NASA Connect Segment involving students in an activity that applies estimation and measurement skills. The video explores estimations of serving sizes for different foods.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Nutrition; Student Activity; Estimation; Serving Size; Food Labels;
Duration: 00:02:37
Popularity (downloads): 1148
Industry on Parade: Serving Those Who Served, Salvaged Skills
0563 PA8200 Industry on Parade: Serving Those Who Served, Salvaged Skills

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:06:08
Popularity (downloads): 37
NASASciFiles - Wing Size (2003)
NASA Sci Files segment involving students in an activity to measure the differences in lift among varying wing sizes.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Linda Zarumski; Achievable Dream Academy; Newport News; Mr. Tyson; Fuselage; Wing; Lift; Average; Weight; Wing Size; Jackie Chan;
Duration: 00:04:36
Popularity (downloads): 1808
[Soldier With Big Feet] (1950)
Soldier at Presidio of San Francisco wears size 16 AAA shoes; the army has none in stock in his size. Newsreel story.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels; Military: U; S; Army; San Francisco: Presidio of San Francisco;
Duration: 00:01:06
Popularity (downloads): 120
NASASciFiles - The Sun (2005)
Seventh segment of NASA Sci Files The Case of the Technical Knockout explaining the different layers of the sun and the sun's properties. This segment explains how satellites are used...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA SciFiles; Sun; Dwarf; proxima centauri; light years; plasma; convection cells; The Case of the Technical Knockout;
Duration: 00:03:44
Popularity (downloads): 1300
NASA Connect - ATE - Size Up the Clouds Activity (2004)
NASA Connect segment involving students in an activity called Size Up the Clouds. The segment explores simulated cloud types to estimate precipitation content.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Clouds; Precipitation; Weather; Student Activity; Estimation;
Duration: 00:03:14
Popularity (downloads): 1325
UIST 2001 - Fluid Interaction with High-Resolution Wall-Size Displays (2001)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: UIST;
Duration: 00:07:18
Popularity (downloads): 479
NASADestinationTomorrow - DT16 - Space Food Preparation (2004)
Second segment of episode 16 that describes the process of preparing food for space, how astronauts prepare and eat food. The Space Food Preparation segment also describes how food is...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Destination Tomorrow; Tonya St. Romain; Connie Oertli; Sace Food Systems Laboratory; what astronauts eat; tubes and cubes; food menu; Space Food types; freeze dried food; rehydrate food; portion sizes; serving sizes; shelf life; Space Food storage; RRS Discovery; Episode 16; DT16;
Duration: 00:10:52
Popularity (downloads): 1435
HCIL Symposium 2002 - Spacetree, segment 05 of 10 (2002)
Spacelink is a novel tree browser that builds upon the conventional node link representation of the tree. Space tree optimizes the use of screen space by dynamically trimming and growing...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL;University of Maryland;HCI;
Duration: 00:04:11
Popularity (downloads): 482
The Story of Hoover Dam, segment 07 of 12 (1996)
The penstock system had to be constructed in an on-site steel fabricating plant

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hoover Dam;Construction;Dam
Duration: 00:02:33
Popularity (downloads): 850

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