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Going Places (1948)
Defines the profit motive and dramatizes the part it has played in the economic development of our country. Stresses the need for continued industrial profits if our economic vitality is...

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:11:00
Popularity (downloads): 232
The Base of the Pyramid in Information and Communication Technologies (2007)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Base of Pyramid; Bottom of the Pyramid; BOP; entrepreneurs; value-added consumers; socioeconomic grouping; ICT; information poor; insiders; outsiders; developing countries; computers; cell phones; cyber-cafe; economic strategies; sustainable development; Burma; Liberia; natural disaster; Nomads of North Africa; Katrina; C.K.Prahalad; Hart; Allen Hammond; Alice Etim; Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; The Forgotten Man; President FDR; Ross School of Business; Sub-Sahara Africa; village kiosks; village phones; MNCs; world's poor;
Duration: 00:18:21
Popularity (downloads): 21
Oceanfloor Legacy, segment 02 of 14 (1991)
The U. S. Geological Survey's Marine Geology Program assessed resources in the exclusive economic zone

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Radioactive waste;San Francisco;
Duration: 00:01:17
Popularity (downloads): 387
Escape strategies for prisoners of war.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Military;
Duration: 00:18:46
Popularity (downloads): 316
Wayfinding Strategies and Behaviors in Large Virtual Worlds (1996)
Video figure from CHI 1996 Paper. Author(s): Rudolph P. Darken & John L. Sibert

Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; Virtual worlds; wayfinding; navigation; environmental design; spatial orientation; cognitive maps;
Duration: 00:02:28
Popularity (downloads): 512
America\'s New Frontier, segment 02 of 11 (1992)
A systematic reconnaissance survey of the new exclusive economic zone was needed in 1983

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Mapping;Geology;
Duration: 00:00:54
Popularity (downloads): 516
Key to Our Horizons (1952)
A mid-century tribute to the automobile and its importance in American life and the economy.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Automobiles: Economic effects;Car culture: General;Occupations: Automotive;
Duration: 00:10:46
Popularity (downloads): 1123
Uruguay (1949)
Compares the agriculture, economic well-being and culture of Uruguayan people with those of the U.S.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Uruguay;
Duration: 00:18:00
Popularity (downloads): 77
Rochester: A City of Quality (Part I) (1963)
Tour of the area, concentrating on redevelopment and economic activity.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Urban renewal;Rochester, N.Y.;
Duration: 00:11:33
Popularity (downloads): 989
Rochester: A City of Quality (Part II) (1963)
Tour of the area, concentrating on redevelopment and economic activity.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Urban renewal;Rochester, N.Y.;
Duration: 00:14:54
Popularity (downloads): 596

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