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Wastage of Human Resources (1947)
How crippling disease, avoidable accidents, crime, war, old age, alcoholism and poor living conditions waste human lives and their potential. This film grew out of the effort to build a...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: World War II: Postwar issues;Health and hygiene;Human rights;
Duration: 00:10:17
Popularity (downloads): 694
Our Bill Of Rights (1940)
Presents the arguments both for and against the addition of the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, to the Constitution. Portrays Franklin, Washington and others in their historic roles.

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:00:00
Popularity (downloads): 348
Behind the Freedom Curtain (1957)
Sales film for voting machines, promoting them as engines of governmental efficiency and practical democracy.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Voting;Political campaigns and elections;Human rights;
Duration: 00:17:53
Popularity (downloads): 127
Japanese Relocation (1943)
U.S. government-produced film defending the World War II internment of Japanese American citizens.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: World War II: Japanese Americans: Internment;Racism;Human rights;
Duration: 00:09:26
Popularity (downloads): 362
Eudora Welty and Cleanth Brooks in Jackson - Knowledge of the Past (1988)
Tenth Segment: Cleanth Brooks and Eudora Welty discuss how the present generation of students tend to forget the past, such that students don't even know when the Civil War was...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Eudora Welty; Cleanth Brooks; American literature; southern literature; past; present; Civil Rights; Civil War; World War Two; memory; history;
Duration: 00:01:50
Popularity (downloads): 367
NASADestinationTomorrow - DT11 - Charters of Freedom (2003)
NASA Destination Tomorrow Segment describing how NASA atmospheric scientists contributed to the conservation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Tech Watch; Tonya St. Romain; Declaration Of Independence; Constitution; Bill Of Rights; Dr. Joel Levine;
Duration: 00:05:39
Popularity (downloads): 1311
Gi Bill Of Rights

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:00:00
Popularity (downloads): 257
It's Everybody's Business (1954)
Corporate Cold War-era cartoon linking Bill of Rights to free-enterprise ideology.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Cold War;Capitalism;Animation: Advertising;
Duration: 00:19:53
Popularity (downloads): 236
NASASciFiles - Design Safety and Human Factors (2003)
NASA Sci Files segment explaining how safety and human factors play a role in design of aircraft and other tools we use.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Safety Engineer; Load Limit; Safety Catch; Test; Kara Latorella; Human Factors; User-Centered Design; Integration Flight Deck; IFD; User Population; Anthropometric; Anthropometry;
Duration: 00:04:18
Popularity (downloads): 2059
Integration Report I (1960)
Documentary showing the civil rights movement in 1959 and 1960: sit-ins, marches, boycotts and rallies in Montgomery, Ala., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Washington, D.C. Directed by Madeline Anderson.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: African Americans;Social issues;Racism;
Duration: 00:20:03
Popularity (downloads): 553

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