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The Lighthouse That Never Fails
This video begins as a documentary about the lighthouse at Cape Canaveral but the lighthouse surprisingly ends up being launched as a missile.

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: NASA;Lighthouse;Cape Canaveral;Missile;
Duration: 00:03:56
Popularity (downloads): 1952
NASASciFiles - The Case of the Mysterious Red Light (2003)
NASA Why? Files video containing the following eleven segments. NASA Why? Files segment describing some of the major volcanic events throughout history. NASA Why? Files segment describing the effects of...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Dr. Textbook; Vulcan; Pele; Eruption; Vesuvius; Pompeii; Pelee; St. Pierre; Mt. St. Helens; Northern Jet; Subtropical Jet; Fred Yco; Boston Museum Of Science; Michael Sheiss; Light House; Sun; Photon; Atom; Proton; Neutron; Electron; Energy; Light Wave; P
Duration: 00:58:59
Popularity (downloads): 1970

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