Transcript for Hoover Dam Construction, segment 12 of 17

Meanwhile, progress had been made in the erection of the structures appurtenant to the dam itself. The construction of the power plant, a U-shaped structure at the downstream toe of the dam, had been in progress for some months, and as its substructures assumed form, it gave some hint of the beauty it was later to possess.

The intake towers, two on each side of the canyon wall immediately upstream from the dam, were in course of construction and from a maze of reinforcing steel rapidly rising toward the uppermost rim of the canyon. These structures were later to serve as giant inlet valves for the outlet conduits and power penstock systems, and the placing of the seats for the mammoth cylinder gates was an important phase in their construction.

Located at the ultimate high water storage level of the reservoir, the two spillways designed to act as overflow controls in the open bypass system were located one on each side of the river upstream from the dam and within the reservoir area. Work on their construction progressed simultaneously with that of the dam itself.

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