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Yes, we do.

Where, where did you catch all the trout? In the afterbay?

Yep, over in the afterbay right across the road here.

Can you freeze them or?

No, I'm going to can mine. If you put vinegar in each pint jar, and that dissolves the bones.

Oh, really?


Don't have to worry about the bones, huh?


Just like {{{unintelligible}}}.


We're going to be having an evening program tonight right up the hill, and if you haven't been to the Visitor Center, we're open from nine to six and there's a movie up there and they've got guided tours if you're interested up at the dam.

Oh, yeah. We've never been up there yet.



Come on up when you're available.

Yeah, we'll sure try.

All right. Have a good weekend.

Thank you.


For camping and fishing and just plain taking it easy, this is the place.

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