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Come on a little trip with me. I want to show you some things that maybe you've forgotten, some things that make our country and our heritage so wonderful, some things that make us take pride in America.

The United States is an immense land from the glaciers in Alaska across America's heartland to the Everglades in Florida, from the bracing winds off Maine's Atlantic coast to Hawaii's warm Pacific surf. This country is an amazing and vast collection of lands and people.


Do you want to know something interesting? More than one-third of this country belongs to the public. That's right. More than one-third of this land belongs to you and me. It's managed by our federal, state, and local governments, but it's ours, yours and mine, all two hundred and fifty million of us. This public land is there for us to use and enjoy, but at the same time, we have to take care of it.

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