Transcript for Take Pride in America, segment 04 of 7


So why are we, the good guys, letting all these wonderful things be abused and destroyed? These lands don't belong to someone else. They belong to us.

But look what's happening - misuse, abuse, and just plain mindless destruction. Look at this. The bad guys have been at it again.

Much of the wildlife management on our public lands and waters is paid for by fees from fishing and hunting licenses. Not only does the thoughtless action of a few poachers destroy valuable wildlife, it gives legitimate sportsmen a bad name.

To some people, our history is merely loot. Eighty to ninety percent of the prehistoric ruins of the Southwest show signs of vandalism or looting. They've got to be real tough to beat up on our history.

And graffiti - it destroys and defaces our heritage. It adds to the cost of maintaining our public lands. It's criminal.

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