Transcript for Take Pride in America, segment 05 of 7

This is the work of those who abuse public lands, those bad guys out there. But America is full of good guys. Those are the real heroes. So what can we, the good guys, do? It's very simple. We can take pride in America by taking responsibility. Our lands and waters must be protected for us and by us, not from us. Let's roll up our sleeves and treat this land as if it belongs to us because it does. It belongs to all of us.

We can start by making sure that we do not add to the problem. It just requires a little more awareness of the value of the public lands and waters. Let's dispose of trash properly or take it with us. We can pay attention to regulations. Staying on designated roads helps to prevent damage and to protect resources for the future. Artifacts on public lands belong to us all and to future generations as well. Leave them for others to enjoy. We can play an active and very important role in protecting our public lands by volunteering to help maintain parks, trails, seashores, and campsites. Volunteer work has become a major factor in caring for our public lands, but an even greater effort is needed. Let's contact our local land managing agencies to see how we can help. We can join watch programs to report vandalism, poaching, theft, or other destructive activity carried on by those bad guys. Let's encourage our families and friends to take pride in America's public lands. We can ask businesses in our communities to support Take Pride efforts. We can encourage our schools to sponsor and participate in Take Pride activities. Let's work with civic and community groups and organizations such as the Girl and Boy Scouts. We can get them to help care for local park or other outdoor areas. There is no limit to what we, the good guys, can do.


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