Transcript for How Water Won the West, segment 03 of 8

Without water, nothing can survive. Nothing can grow. There can be no development. The availability of water, when and where it is needed, is fundamental to survival in the desert west. It has taken a great deal of vision, effort, and skill to get it here and to the millions of other people who live, work, and play in this part of the country. How this was and continues to be accomplished is the story of the Bureau of Reclamation. It's the story of how water won the West.


Now the barren wasteland has turned to fertile green, a sign that man is equal to the test. We are one with nature, and together we have seen this is how water won the West. History has told us how the western pioneer had to struggle for survival that went on year after year. Hot sun scorched his spirit as he wondered who to blame, crops that were unyielding and rains that seldom came.

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