Transcript for How Water Won the West, segment 07 of 8

We've come nearly full cycle now, but along the way we've taken advantage of another of water's offerings, and perhaps this is one of the most important benefits we enjoy - the lazy days at the lake, a perfect cast of a dry fly, an evening campfire at water's edge, a geological briefing from times past.


In my job, I have the responsibility to help manage our water resources. It makes me acutely aware of the obligation we have to generations yet to come. We deal with the vast forces of nature, forces that are sometimes unleashed upon us with untamed power. We must learn to walk in harmony with these forces. Perhaps more than all the megawatts of electricity, more than the millions of acres of farmland made fruitful, we should take pride in the symbolism of our reclamation works for they are manifestations of the inner spirit that brings men and women of goodwill together in the common interest of their nation. In that spirit, we move towards the future.

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