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In Montana the region's operations are managed by the Montana Project's office in Billings. This office is responsible for most of the land, recreation, and facilities at Bureau projects throughout the state as well as the Buford-Trenton Project in North Dakota. Major projects managed by the Montana Office include Yellowtail and Canyon Ferry.

The Yellowtail Field Office headquartered at Fort Smith, Montana, manages the five hundred twenty-five foot high Yellowtail Dam, Power Plant, and Afterbay Dam. The Afterbay Dam regulates the widely varying releases from the power plant. Yellowtail Dam impounds sixty-six mile long Big Horn Lake, a national recreation area. The project also provides irrigation water and flood control.

The Canyon Ferry Field office is seventeen miles northeast of Helena. The principal facilities are Canyon Ferry Dam and Power Plant. A variety of recreation facilities have been developed around Canyon Ferry Reservoir, making it a popular area in both summer and winter. In addition to power and recreation, the Canyon Ferry Project controls floods and provides water for irrigation in the Helena Valley.

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