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I'm not sure how far back this goes, but I suppose two or three hundred feet.

{{{Voice recedes}}}

The exotic terranes of the Pacific Northwest were undiscovered until recently. Ancient rock formations are exposed, but most have been highly altered by geologic and other natural forces. These conditions kept geologic secrets well hidden.


Geologist Tracy Vallier began studying Hells Canyon in the early nineteen sixties. He was soon joined by other scientists in exploring this new geologic frontier. Since much of it is wilderness, roads end at the edge of the back country. Most of the geology is learned on foot.

If you take a look that way, you can follow me. I'll probably be going right up, right up that grassy slope. I'll be turning right, and I'll go behind that big cliff. I'll probably be there by six. But listen, at four o'clock turn your radio on, and I'll be talking to you on the radio.

Okay, that's great.



At a hundred miles of canyon here, unmapped geologically, nothing known about it, there are very few places in the world right now where you can go into an area that's been unmapped or that another geologist hasn't worked on so that was really, really a challenge. It still is.

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