Transcript for Earthquake - Risk to the Central U.S., segment 04 of 7

Because residents of the central United States live with the threat of a damaging earthquake, each of us should be aware of what to expect when the quake occurs. When the quake does occur, there will be no warning. Instantly the ground will start moving, and it could last seconds or minutes. There's no way of knowing. There will be no time to assess the situation, no time to make plans, to exit buildings, or to gather supplies. Buildings with wooden frames will most likely sustain the least damage. More rigid structures of brick, stone, and concrete block are most likely to sustain damage. Many schools and public buildings fall into this category. Public officials should be aware of the danger and start preparing now. Historical earthquakes of seven point six Richter magnitude have twisted railroad tracks and knocked down power lines. Gas mains were severed and communications systems shut down. Many highways and airport runways were rendered useless. A major earthquake in the central United States will have an immediate and major impact on transportation, commerce, and communication systems nationwide.

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