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In Port Villa last minute planning is being made by the co-chief scientists prior to the arrival of the incoming team. The new arrivals are briefed just before boarding the Lee in Port Villa harbor.

Our main interest in the central area of Vanuatu is to try and equate the geology of the sea floor with the known geology of the islands. The map as it is shown mainly represents quaternary geology, the products of erosion from the islands themselves and from the active volcanoes which transect the central part, but in specific areas, as a result of erosion on the sea floor, as a result of faults, as a result of folding, expose older Miocene and Pliocene rocks. For example, between Pentecost and Marlboro, these are areas that we want to sample, areas to the east of center and Malacula that we want to sample also to try and equate these rock types with what we see onshore and to build up a structural geological history of the area.


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