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At sea again, the Lee begins surveying active volcanic cones off the island of Eppi. The purpose is to evaluate the mineral potential of the volcanic gases and fluids venting up through small underwater volcanoes. The U. S. G. S. is aided by the Lopavi from the government of Vanuatu, whose president and prime minister have earlier visited the Lee.

Yes, well, originally the work in this region was done by a U. N. body based in Suva, Figi, called C. C. O. P. SOPEC, and this body did a lot of work in this region starting in nineteen seventy-four or thereabouts and continued right through until nineteen eighty usually using low technology, relatively inexpensive boats but cooperating with a number of different international organizations. In late - in nineteen eighty it was decided that Australia, New Zealand, and the U. S. would put together an aid program to look for mineral resources in this region on a more methodical and more high technology basis than had been the case in the past. The U. S. provided the vessels and the first series of cruises in nineteen eighty-one. The next series of cruises, which is starting now, U. S. will provide vessels and New Zealand will provide a vessel. The Australians at this stage are providing funds alone.

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