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A Revised Human Interface and Educational Applications on IdeaBoard

Video demonstration from the 1999 CHI conference. Our video demonstrates a new style of human interface with an interactive electronic whiteboard. Its design goal is to realize easy and natural operation of a large board from an arbitrary standing position of the user with a reasonable amount of hand movement, with no hiding of the board by the user's body. We have been attempting to attain this goal by smoothly and naturally extending the current desktop GUI rather than relying on unreliable gesture commands.Author(s): Masaki Nakagawa, Koichiro Hotta, Hirokazu Bandou,Tsuyoshi Oguni, Naoki Kato & Shin-ichi Sawada                                              

Video Information
Year: 1999
Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; pen interface; electronic whiteboard; education; handwriting recognition; direct pointing; GUI
Duration: 00:08:13
Color: Yes
Sound: Yes
Amount of Motion: Low
Language: English
Sponsor: N/A
Contributing Organization: Assocation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Transcript Available: No

Digitization Information
Digitization Date: 2003
Digitizing Organization: Open Video Project

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