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NASA Connect - Hidden Treasures: Landscape Archeology

NASA Connect video containing four segments as described below. NASA Connect segment giving examples of how remote sensing is used. The end of the first segment asks student to define remote sensing and use it to describe objects across the room. NASA Connect segment defines remote sensing and explains how researchers use satellites to observe the Earth from space. This segment defines the electromagnetic spectrum and explains how satellites use different sensors to measure the invisible light reflected from Earth's surface. This segment also explores the definition of Geographic Information Systems or GIS. NASA Connect segment explaining the number lines and the rectangular coordinate system. This segement provides an interactive activity where students draw a number line and graph points on the number line. After graphing points on the number line the students are asked to draw a rectangular coordinate system and graph coordinate pairs in the four quadrants. Next the segment describes how rectangular coordinate systems are used in maps. The segment ends with a student exercise where students use covered shoe boxes to identify the topography of an environment their classmates created. NASA Connect segment explaining what archaeologists do. This segment covers how archaelogists reconstructed the historic environments of the Mayan and their agriculture practices. Archaelogists try to use the information from the past farming practice of the Mayan to save the rain forests.                                              

Video Information
Year: 2005
Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Landscape Archaeology; Jamestown 1607; Virginia 1607; Rain Forests; Guatemala; Farming; Student Questions; Remote sensing; Terrestial; Visible light; Electromagnetic spectrum; Infared; GIS; Geographic Information System; Mathematics; Number line; Coordinate system; Opposite integers; rectangluar coordinate system; Maps; Topography; Tom Sever; Archaeologist; Slash and burn; Agriculture; Rain forests; Guatemala; Maya; Bajos; Hidden Treasures; HT;
Duration: 00:28:15
Color: Yes
Sound: Yes
Amount of Motion: Low
Language: English
Sponsor: NASA
Contributing Organization: NASA
Transcript Available: No

Digitization Information
Digitization Date: 2005
Digitizing Organization: Open Video

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