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NASADestinationTomorrow - Episode 16

NASA Destination Tomorrow video containing three segments as described below. NASA Destination Tomorrow Food Preservation segment describes the history of Food Preservation and how different groups solved the problem of supplying food over long trips. The Food Preservation segment ends with a description of early food packaging on NASA space trips. NASA Destination Tomorrow Space Food Preparation segment describes the process of preparing food for space, how astronauts prepare and eat food. The Space Food Preparation segment also describes how food is stored and the characteristics of food that appeal to astronauts. The Space Food Preparation segment ends with a Did You Know? segment about the R R S Discovery. NASA Destination Tomorrow Space Food Processing segment describes the different food types, labels, and packages that space food can have. The Space Food Processing segment describes how freeze dried food is rehydrated and how astronauts tell what food items are theirs. The Space Food Processing segment ends with a Did You Know? segment that describes where the term square meal came from.This video is part one of a two part series discussing Food Technology and how it is used by NASA.                                              

Video Information
Year: 2004
Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Destination Tomorrow; Kera O'Bryon; Food Preservation; Napoleon Bonaparte; Lewis and Clark expedition; Nicolas Appert; canning process; food canning; Germ Theory; Louis Pasteur; Pastuerization; Food Preservation in Space; Tonya St. Romain; Connie Oertli; Sace Food Systems Laboratory; what astronauts eat; tubes and cubes; food menu; Space Food types; freeze dried food; rehydrate food; portion sizes; serving sizes; shelf life; Space Food storage; RRS Discovery; Episode 16; DT16;
Duration: 00:27:50
Color: Yes
Sound: Yes
Amount of Motion: Low
Language: English
Sponsor: NASA
Contributing Organization: NASA
Transcript Available: No

Digitization Information
Digitization Date: 2005
Digitizing Organization: Open Video

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