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ACM CHI 2000 - Tivoli: Intergrating structured domain objects into a freeform whiteboard environment

Tivoli is an application program to support working meetings on an electronic whiteboard. Tivoli's user interface is based on a whiteboard metaphor. It supports freeform expression by providing pen-based drawing, wiping, and gestural editing. Tivoli recognizes the spatial structure of material on the board. It provides support for implicit structures, such as opening and closing spaces when lists are edited. It provides techniques for organizing materials on the board by grouping them into regions. Tivoli integrates domain objects, structured data that can be exchanged with external databases, into the freeform whiteboard environment. Tivoli's scripting language allows the structure, appearance, behavior, and dynamic computations of domain objects to be defined. Domain objects can be customized to create meeting tools that are finely tuned to particular meeting practices. Tivoli smoothly integrates both freeform and structured interaction techniques.                                               

Video Information
Year: 1999
Genre: Educational
Keywords: CHI; customization; gestural UIs; implicit structure; informal UIs; meeting support tools; pen-based systems; perceptual UIs; user interface design; whiteboard metaphor;
Duration: 00:08:30
Color: Yes
Sound: Yes
Amount of Motion: Low
Language: English
Sponsor: N/A
Contributing Organization: Assocation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Transcript Available: No

Digitization Information
Digitization Date: 2004
Digitizing Organization: Open Video

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