New Videos In the Collection
Taming the Tiger (2008)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: learning; innovation; malcolm brown; creativity; understanding; knowledge;
Duration: 27:41
Downloads: 49
NeoNote - the new Memex (2008)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NeoNote; Memex; annotation; user; interface; library; knowledge: scholars; collaboration;
Duration: 08:10
Downloads: 47
Video Classification (2008)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: automatic classification; video; UNC-CH; multimedia; search; visual features;
Duration: 30:43
Downloads: 51
IBM's Universal Virtual Computer and Preservation Manager (2008)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: IBM; Ray Diessen; virtual computer; universal; archival; digital preservation;
Duration: 02:46
Downloads: 42
TLT Conference UNCH Machinima Presentation (2008)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: machinima; Second Life; campus; UNC-CH; medical education;
Duration: 04:32
Downloads: 46
Teaching and Learning Technologies Conference Machinima Presentation (2008)

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Second Life; virtual-worlds; NCSU; UNC-CH; UNCP; UNCC;
Duration: 06:10
Downloads: 167
Physiological Measures of User State

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCI; user state; usability; human factors;
Duration: 35:31
Downloads: 44
Marketing in School Libraries

Genre: Educational
Keywords: School libraries; library science; marketing; school; performance;
Duration: 15:37
Downloads: 45
Rle Perceptions and Privacy in Online Social Networking

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Online; security; privacy; disclosure; information sharing; online identity;
Duration: 17:33
Downloads: 43
Themes in the Classification of Science

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Science; cataloging; categorization; information organization;
Duration: 15:02
Downloads: 116
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