Project Contacts

General Project Information

For more information about the Open Video Project, project-related publications, or project user studies, contact:

  Dr. Gary Marchionini
march <at> ils <dot> unc <dot> edu
  Dr. Barbara Wildemuth
wildemuth <at> ils <dot> unc <dot> edu

Web Site Issues

For problems, questions, or suggestions related to the Open Video Web site (not related to video content or problems with video), contact:

  Dr. Robert Capra
rcapra3 <at> unc <dot> edu

Video Content and Contributions

If you discover problems with the video available from the Open Video Web site, have questions about downloading and playing video, or have video you might want to contribute to the project, contact:

  Dr. Robert Capra
rcapra3 <at> u n c <dot> edu
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The Open Video Project is managed at the Interaction Design Laboratory,
at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill