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NASASciFiles - The Case of the Wright Invention

NASA Sci Files video containing the following thirteen segments. NASA Sci Files segment explaining how brainstorming works to help students think creatively and come up with solutions to solve problems. NASA Sci Files segment exploring the new solar powered, flying wing aircraft called Helios. NASA Sci Files segment explaining the history of flight beginning with the Wright Brothers and continuing to today's inventions such as the International Space Station. NASA Sci Files segment exploring the fundamental concepts to designing an invention including doing research and recording detailed observations. NASA Sci Files segment exploring a museum of inventions and inventors. NASA Sci Files segment explaining models, why they are important, and how they are made. NASA Sci Files segment involving students in an experiment that studies night visibility and reflective surfaces. NASA Sci Files segment exploring the Patent and Trademark Museum and explains what patents and trademarks are. NASA Sci Files segment exploring reflective materials, how they are made, and how they work. NASA Sci Files segment explaining the steps of testing and why proper conditions for testing are required. NASA Sci Files segment exploring the design process and how wind tunnels are used in this process. NASA Sci Files segment exploring the invention process and the steps you take to solve a problem. NASA Sci Files segment exploring the Wright Brothers' and how they solved the problems of flight.                                              

Video Information
Year: 2001
Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Sci Files; Solutions; Inventions; Inventors; Brainstorming; Creative Thinking; Ideas; Record; Problem; Evaluate; Aeronautics; Data; Helios; Solar Powered; Testing; Flying Wing Aircraft; Remote; Prediction; Models; Aerodynamics; Design; Controlled Flight; History of Flight; Wright Brothers; Jet Engine; Speed of Sound; Rockets; John Glenn; Orbit; Neil Armstrong; Moon; International Space Station; Shuttle; Birds; Invention Concepts; Fundamentals; Research; Data; Observations; Museum; Scale Model; Wind Tunnel; Design; Blended Wing Body; Mold; Computer Aided Design; Engineers; Profile; Drawings; Night Visibility; Experiment; Student Activity; AIAA; Reflective Surfaces; Patents; Trademarks; Words; Names; Symbols; Sounds; Smells; Colors; Copyright; Intellectual Property; Property Right; Reflective Materials; Curing; Ions; Chemistry; Polymer Solution; Energy; Signals; Antenna; Wright Brothers; Testing; Conditions; Glider; Lift; Calculations; Birds; Wings; Wind Tunnel; Scale Models; Micro Aerial Vehicle; Biologists; Iterate; Data Collection; Analyze; Invention Process; Scientific Method; Identify Problem; Kitty Hawk; Flight Control; Airplane; Hanger;
Duration: 00:58:47
Color: Yes
Sound: Yes
Amount of Motion: Low
Language: English
Sponsor: NASA
Contributing Organization: NASA
Transcript Available: Yes

Digitization Information
Digitization Date: 2004
Digitizing Organization: Open Video

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